Early Historical Account of the Moros

The size of the Moros:

The individual Moro is, on the average from five-feet-five to five-feet-seven inches tall, solidly built erect of carriage. The Moros are a proud, haughty, war like people ... and one rarely found a Moro man who did not bear the scars of hand to hand fighting with Kris, Barong (Bolo) or spear. ...Moro men, unwilling that their families shall survive them, charge, holding their children as shields before them.

The fearless Moros:

"He [the Moro warrior] is absolutely fearless, and once committed to combat he counts death as a mere incident."

The "discovery" of the .45 Colt:

"The Americans had become acquainted with the Juramentado. "A Moro who had worked himself up to religious fanaticism and goes forth to kill all unbelievers in Mohammadanism until he himself is killed." It took some killing (Capt.) Wood watched as - A Moro rushed out of the tall grass ... and made a beeline for one of our flankers.  The man emptied his rifle into the Moro, but he came bounding on and did not stop... That was why the War Dept. recalled its .38 caliber Colt and Smith and Wesson revolvers from the Philippines and substituted the heavier Colt .45"

On Moro determination:

"...he was finally felled by a .45 slug through both ears... He had thirty-two Krag balls through him and was only stopped by the Colt .45 - the thirty-third bullet."