[Image scanned from 1963 U.S. Army Poster No. 21-48]

Battle of Bud Bagsak
Jolo, Sulu, Philippines
June 11-15, 1913

The four-day battle was personally led by U.S. Brigadier General John "Black Jack" J. Pershing of the 8th Infantry and Philippine Scouts against Moro resistance fighters armed mostly with kris, barongs, spears and few guns. In many other battles in the Morolands, the U.S. Army Colt 0.45 caliber pistol was  tested and perfected as an effective "man stopper" against the brave Moro fighters.

There are two historical inaccuracies in this photo:

1. It is doubtful if the Moro warriors had the opportunity to fight at close distance against the American soldiers who were armed with modern weaponry such as Maxim guns, gattling guns and cannons.

2. The poster may have misrepresented the native recruits, commanded by American officers, who were doing the "dirty job" of fighting their own brothers.


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