Legend of the Colt .45
[The Gun that was 'Perfected' in the Morolands]

Photo of John Browning, inventor of the Colt 0.45 pistol

Generations of the Colt 0.45 Pistol
1895 prototype of Browning's gas operated pistol. Invention came at the right time with the coming of the Spanish-American War of 1898 and the ensuing independence war with the Filipinos.
Prototype of Browning's Colt Model 1900 recoil operated pistol. Its timely invention filled the Army's needs when the regular 0.38 caliber revolver cannot stop a juramentado Moro warrior with a single shot.
Colt Model 1902 Military Pistol. This model saw numerous action in the Morolands as an effective "juramentado stopper."
Caliber 0.45 Automatic Pistol Model 1911, after modifications of the 1902 model. This model became the standard side arm of the military during World War I.


Images: Courtesy of the Department of the Army Technical Manual "Pistol, Caliber .45, Automatic."
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