"...THEIR OWN RUIN.": The Story of the 
1898 U.S. Philippine Annexation 
War for Independence 
[Philippine Insurrection: U.S. Version

  (February 4, 1899 -July 4, 1902) Official War Duration
  (July 4, 1902 -1907) Continuing Independence War, and
     Wars Against Messianic Resistance Fighters (Pulajans, etc.)

    (Wars Against Christian Filipinos)

Moro Resistance Wars 
[America's Silent "Indian Wars"]

  (July 4, 1902 -March 22, 1915) Symbolic War Duration
  (March 22, 1915-Jan. 14, 1936) Jungle Patrol Against the

     (Wars Against Muslim Filipinos)

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America's Original Vietnam!
America's Longest Foreign War!

"The supremacy of the United States must and will be enforced throughout every part of the Archipelago and those who resist it can accomplish no end other than their own ruin."
      • Excerpt from the Proclamation of the First Philippine (Schurman) Commission, addressed to the Filipino people on April 4, 1899.



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