Sultan's 16-Point Proposal

A Proposal Offered by the Sultan of Jolo
to the U.S. General John Bates

August 9, 1899

Article One --The Sultan can hoist the American flag in Sulu together with his own, but if the Sultan goes to foreign lands he can fly his own flag to show his rank as ruler of Sulu but his subjects need fly no flag so long as they have the written authority of the Sultan.

Article Two --The Americans shall pay to the Sultan $200 per month, to the big Datus $100 per month and to the advisers $50 per month.

Article Three --The Americans are not allowed to occupy any of the islands or any place on the seashore of Sulu except by permission of the Sultan and his Datus; and they must pay a profit to the Sultan, whatever is arranged.  If no arrangement is made the Americans cannot force an entry into Sulu.

Article Four --The Americans will respect the dignity of the Sultan and his Datus; above all, will respect the Mohammedan religion; they will not change or oppose any execution of the same.

Article Five --The Sultan and his Datus and advisers can keep arms for fighting.

Article Six --The Sultan can give written authority to people for sailing and trading in all of the islands; at the same time, these people have to go to Jolo to obtain permission of the AMerican Governor and all other nations can trade in the islands by giving notice to the American Governor.

Article Seven --The Sultan can take duties from trading vessels or any nation coming to the islands.  The Americans shall not oppose this for it is a gift of God to the people of the island.

Article Eight --In the absence of dispute between the American Governor [of Jolo -PAWCI] and the Sultan, the Sultan may communicate direct with the Governor-General in Manila.

Article Nine --The Sultan shall prevent piracy and give orders that it shall not happen but if orders are not obeyed we will notify the Governor of Jolo and together suppress it.

Article Ten --If any American goes about the country he shall notify the Sultan and receive an escort.  If he goes without an escort and anything happens to him the Sultan shall not be responsible.

Article Eleven --If any American subjects run away and come to us we will give them up to the Americans; the same shall be done with our followers who run away to the Americans.

Article Twelve --If the Sultan have trouble with European nations, the American government shall stand by him as a protector.

Article Thirteen --In case the Americans have trouble with the subjects of the SUltan, they shall not at once resort to arms, but examine the facts of the case.

Article Fourteen --The Americans shall not judge any Moro and shall not settle any dispute between Moros, and shall not judge any dispute of the Mohammedan religion.

Article Fifteen --If the Americans should not like to stay in Jolo they are not authorized to sell Jolo to any other nation without consulting the Sultan.

Article Sixteen --The Americans and the Sultan to hold to this agreement.


Hadji Mohammed Jamalol Kiram
Sultan of Jolo

and  Nineteen of his advisers

[Note: This proposal was rejected by the U.S. ]

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