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Evolution of Philippine Governments 
During the 1890s 

Name of Government  Government Acronym  Creating Body  Type of Government  Title and Name of Chief Executive  Inclusive Dates 
The Katipunan  The Katipunan , Magdiwang Council  Katipunan Recruting Ritual  Revolutionary  Supremo Andres Bonifacio  Aug 29, 1896 to March 22, 1897 
The Katipunan , Magdalo Council  Generalisimo Emilio Aguinaldo  Sept 1896 to March 22, 1897 
1st Revolutionary Government  Tejeros Government 
(8 months) 
Tejeros Convention  President Emilio Aguinaldo  March 22, 1897 to 
Dec 1, 1897 
Naik Government  Naik Government  Naik Covenant  Counter- 
Supremo Andres Bonifacio  March 23, 1897 to May 10, 1897 
2nd Revolutionary Government  Biak-na-Bato Government (15 days)  Decree by Aguinaldo  Revolutionary  President Emilio Aguinaldo  Nov 1, 1897 to Dec 15, 1897 
Hong Kong Junta  Hong Kong Junta (5 months)  Junta  Junta  Jan 1898 to May 17, 1898 
Emergency Philippine Government  Dictatorial Government (1 month)  Decree by Aguinaldo  Dictatorial Government  Dictator Emilio Aguinaldo  May 24, 1898 to June 23, 1898 
3rd Revolutionary Government  Revolutionary (7 months)  Decree by Aguinaldo  Revolutionary  President Emilio Aguinaldo  June 23, 1898 to Jan 21, 1899 
1st Philippine Republic  Malolos Republic (26 months)  Malolos Congress  Republican/ 
Jan 21, 1899 to March 23, 1901

  [ Note : The Malolos Goverment is so named after the name of the town in Bulacan, the birthplace and seat of the brief Philippine Republic.] 


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